Recap webinar "Fit for 55: Preparing the Maritime sector", November 4

11-11-21 |

On November 4, 2021, the Platform Renewable Fuels organised the webinar “Fit for 55: Preparing the Maritime sector” for stakeholders as shipowners, operators, ports and fuel suppliers.

The Platform feels committed to advance knowledge and insights with sector players on how to comply with the new set of regulation.

  • The Fit for 55 package will impact the sector from 2025 onwards
  • Usage of fossil fuels will be penalised and more expensive as we have shown with the penalty of FuelEU Maritime, ETS price and taxation
  • Renewable fuels will become cost competitive and are in general less expensive than paying the penalty
  • Penalty will increase over the years
  • However, renewable fuel volumes need to be ramped-up
  • If growing demand of renewable fuels is not met by growing supply, prices of renewable fuels will rise
  • It will be in the sector’s interest to already start preparing to have access to sufficient options

Aim of this workshop was to create insights for end-users in the maritime sector

Lisa Mulder and Mark Bunse from the Platform Renewable Fuels presented an overview of the involved policies as well as the practical implications on shipowners. After that, the companies GoodFuels, Port of Rotterdam and the Royal Dutch Association of Shipowners gave their vision on and reactions to the developments and impacts of the Fit for 55 package. The audience engaged in lively discussions throughout the webinar and took the opportunity to discuss further in the concluding open discussion.

For more information, read the summary attached below.

The presentation slides are ready to download here: