TNO/SmartPort: The potential of e-fuels for heavy duty road transport in the Netherlands | 2023

Objective and scope of this study
The primary goal of this project is to determine the potential of e-fuels for use in long-haul trucks, specifically tractor trailer combinations. This is done through a comparative analysis taking into account conventional diesel and a range of (climate neutral) options for alternative drivetrains and energy carriers. Included in the scope of this project are battery electric trucks, hydrogen fuel cell trucks, hydrogen combustion engine trucks and various types of e-fuels to be used in combustion engines (e-diesel, e-methanol, e-LNG, e-DME). Biofuels in combustion engines are only considered qualitatively. All included options are compared on various criteria, such as emissions (greenhouse gases and pollut- ants), energy chain efficiency, cost, safety, applicability and commercial readiness level (CRL).

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