Platform Renewable Fuels welcomes three new members: A.P. Møller - Maersk, TES and OCI Methanol

As of April 2023, three new companies have joined the Platform Renewable Fuels (PHB). PHB is an independent knowledge and innovation centre with members across the renewable fuel supply chain for road transport, aviation, and maritime shipping. Our mission is to facilitate the ramping up of production and deployment of renewable fuels to reach the Paris Climate Goals. We look at all renewable fuels biofuels/e-fuels or RFNBOs.


Maersk is a Danish based company focusing on providing globally integrated container logistics. Maersk recognizes that the maritime industry accounts for almost 3% of all global GHG emissions, as laid out in the latest study by the UN’s International Maritime Organization (IMO) on this matter. Maersk has therefore made it a priority to support the transition to a net zero economy by eliminating emissions in the maritime sector.

In 2022, Maersk reevaluated and accelerated its decarbonisation targets by stating that Maersk should become climate neutral by 2040 through the development of new technology, new vessels, and new fuels. New, large container vessels have been ordered to be delivered in coming years that can use green methanol for propulsion.

Maersk believes that the Netherlands is a frontrunner amongst EU member states for setting ambitious climate targets. The Netherlands is a fuel hub and cargo gateway for Europe (e.g. the port of Rotterdam) and as such is well positioned to lead the maritime industry towards becoming more climate friendly. The Dutch authorities are working towards reorganising their national obligation system (implementation EU-RED3) to include other green fuels—possibly already from 2025—which will be an important development for the maritime industry's continued drive towards decarbonisation, and will therefore be an important support for transition needs on all levels.

Maersk sees the Platform Renewable Fuels Platform as a key stakeholder for providing independent knowledge and contextual insights to feed such collaborative discussions.

TES Tree Energy Solutions

Tree Energy Solutions B.V. (TES) was founded in 2021 with the aim of producing green hydrogen on an industrial scale and thus accelerating the energy transition. TES is currently developing and realising a closed and circular chain for the production and use of renewable hydrogen with synthetic methane (eNG) as the carrier of this hydrogen. In addition to its role in the transport of hydrogen, this renewable fuel of non-biological origin (RFNBO) can also be used directly as eLNG (renewable electricity based liquified methane) or eCNG (renewable electricity based compressed methane). TES attaches great importance to sustainability and transparency in the whole supply chain and sees cooperation and knowledge sharing regarding the production and use of sustainable biofuels as preconditions for achieving the mission that the Platform and TES share.

OCI Methanol

OCI is the largest biomethanol producer in the world and has ambitions to increase its green methanol portfolio tenfold in the coming years. OCI wants to take its responsibility in transforming a currently fossil fuel driven product portfolio into a renewable production line. OCI understands that it has no right to exist if it doesn't "go green" quickly. OCI realises that going through this transition requires a collaborative effort. That is why OCI is actively looking for organisations that experience the same challenges and want to face those challenges with fresh energy. For this reason, OCI has chosen to participate in this knowledge and innovation platform where positive and cross-sectoral findings can be shared, and where pitfalls can be pointed out.