Online Learning Module Renewable Fuels

Online Module Renewable Fuels (EN/NL)

To achieve a climate-neutral and circular economy by 2050, a switch to green raw materials for chemistry, materials and fuels is necessary. In all these chains we have to replace the currently used fossil raw materials. This requires large volumes and upscaling of renewable fuels, also because not every sector can switch directly and completely to electricity.

There are various routes and options to realise this volume. An open Learning Source has been created in collaboration with various knowledge and educational institutions*. The current knowledge about these different routes, options and renewable fuels is bundled in short, attractive knowledge clips (5-7 minutes). You can watch knowledge clips about carbon reduction, biomass, fermentation, advanced liquid fuels, fast pyrolysis and sector-specific videos. These are logistics, car transport, shipping and aviation. In addition to the clips, additional reading material is provided. The modules gives in this way a good overview of the current knowledge of renewable fuels.**

Curious about the clips? You can view them here (Dutch) or here (English) on Groen Kennisnet.

* This module was made in collaboration with the Platform Renewable Fuels, Wageningen University, Avans University of Applied Sciences, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, HAN University of Applied Sciences and TKI-BBE.

** The module was developed from March 2021 onwards. Therefore, the implications of the Fit for 55 package have not been considered in this module.