In memoriam Jakob Lagercrantz

In memoriam Jakob Lagercrantz

15-03-22 | It is with deep sadness that we learned that Jakob Lagercrantz, founder and CEO of the Swedish 2030-Sekretariatet passed away.

Jakob was a major driving force and inspirator to secure establishing the climate goals for transport in Sweden, focusing on the three pillars: the vehicle, the energy carrier, and behaviour.

As founder of Greenpeace in Sweden and during his long career in several NGO’s he continuously built bridges between industry, government and other organisations in society. He understood that tackling climate change and operating within planetary boundaries requires collaborative efforts and thinking.

As Netherlands Platform Renewable Fuels we had the honour and privilege to work and exchange with Jakob and the 2030-Sekretariatet in recent years. We will carry his ideas forward.

He will be missed.

John Grin, chairman
Loes Knotter, Eric van den Heuvel, Platform Bureau