Pilot: ETS Marine Services to simplify compliance with ETS regulations

Carbon Rooster, a Dutch emission rights trading specialist together with Docklab, a Port of Rotterdam backed digital venture studio have started a pilot that offers ship owners and shipping companies emission accounting services, aiding them in their compliance with ETS regulations.

The IMO ETS regulations are set to take effect in 2024. This marks the first year where all ships exceeding 5000 ton are required to adhere to the IMO's ETS regulations. This obligation involves emissions accounting, the acquisition of European Union Allowances (EUAs), and registration with and booking of EUAs to national emission authorities for voyages bound for the European Union.

This is where the ETS Marine Services hopes to step in. To reduce the administrative burden to ship owners, ETS Marine Services aims to facilitate registration with the NEA, emission and EUA accounting and associated auditing. Through making use of publicly available shipping data, portmanagement data, and bunkering documentation, ETS Marine Services anticipates reducing mandatory compliance efforts by approximately 90%. It provides dashboards tailored for ship owners, portfolio owners, and financial service providers (such as EUA trading), and enables audits by verifiers.

“To smaller companies and independent shipowners ETS Marine Services offers to include them in a compliant, aggregated bookkeeping. For larger companies and cooperatives, ETS Marine Services is positioned as a portfolio management tool, allowing for full visibility and aggregation throughout their own fleets.”

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