VIEWLS: Shift Gear to Biofuels - Results and recommendations from the VIEWLS project | 2005

The “Clear Views on Clean Fuels” (VIEWLS) project is supported by the European Commission and aims to increase our insight into:

  • The economic and environment‐technical performances of the various transport biofuels, both existing biofuels and those still under development.
  • The biomass production potential in the Central and Eastern European region, and the possible biofuel trade chains that may develop from this within Europe.
  • The opportunities for achieving the EC guideline on biofuels at the lowest possible price.

The VIEWLS project began in February 2003 and was finalised in April 2005. The results reflect the various tasks within the project. The recommendations are partially derived as a result of communications with representatives of the European Commission and the biofuel stakeholders in Europe.