Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy

In this strategy document the European Commission shares her vision and action plan of how the mobility sector should take shape in the following decades. As the Transport sector remains the sector that is hardest to decarbonize, the Commission recognizes that additional policy measures and actions are needed to limit the climate impact of the sector. In 2050, the whole transport sector is aimed to lower its emissions by 90%.

To reach this goal the following targets are set:

By 2030:

  • At least 30 million zero-emission vehicles will be in operation on European roads
  • 100 European cities will be climate neutral
  • high-speed rail traffic will double
  • scheduled collective travel of under 500 km should be carbon neutral within the EU
  • automated mobility will be deployed at large scale
  • zero-emission vessels will become ready for the market

By 2035:

  • zero-emission large aircraft will become ready for the market

By 2050:

  • nearly all cars, vans, buses as well as new heavy-duty vehicles will be zero-emission
  • rail freight traffic will double
  • high-speed rail traffic will triple
  • the multimodal Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) equipped for sustainable and smart transport with high speed connectivity will be operational for the comprehensive network

To reach the targets above and bringing the vision into practice the European Commission identified 10 different flagship actions:

  1. Boosting the uptake of zero-emission vehicles, renewable & low-carbon fuels and related infrastructure
  2. Creating zero-emission airports and ports
  3. Making interurban and urban mobility more sustainable and healthy
  4. Greening freight transport
  5. Pricing carbon and providing better incentives for users
  6. Making connected and automated multimodal mobility a reality
  7. Innovation, data and artificial intelligence for smarter mobility
  8. Reinforcing the single market
  9. Making mobility fair and just for all
  10. Enhancing transport safety and security

The full communication document can be found here.

More information about the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy can be found here.

The commission published next to this Communication report the following background document:

  • Staff Working Document, COM(2020) 789 final, download here.