Dutch subsidy scheme for the production of renewable hydrogen

On April 29, 2024, the Dutch government announced that the subsidy scheme for the production of renewable hydrogen has been finalised. Seven projects have been awarded a subsidy coming down to a total of €250 million, which will be divided over the projects.

This scheme, 'the Subsidy Scheme Scaling up fully renewable hydrogen production via electrolysis' (in Dutch: Subsidieregeling OWE), is meant to ensure that more and more renewable hydrogen is produced in the Netherlands and that more parties gain experience with it. By supporting multiple smaller projects, the Dutch Cabinet hopes to create an environment of knowledge sharing regarding technology and permitting procedures, so that future projects can be developed at a faster pace.

The projects that have been awarded the subsidy are: H2 Hollandia (Nieuw-Buinen), Hysolar (Nieuwegein), Groengas asset (Amsterdam), Groengas asset (Groningen), RWE Eemshydrogen (Eemshaven), Van Kessel Olie (Oude Tonge) en VoltH2 (Delfzijl). Together, these projects will provide 101 megawatts of electrolysis capacity.

See the official announcement here.