LanzaJet receives $11.2M grant for SAF project

LanzaJet's Project Speedbird, a sustainable fuels project in the UK, has been awarded a grant of 11.2M dollars by the UK government through the Advanced Fuels Fund (AFF) competition. The project is a collaboration between Nova Pangaea Technologies and British Airways. It involves wood residue & agricultural waste to ethanol production sites feeding into a larger Alcohol-to-Jet SAF plant.

British Airways plans to buy all the sustainable aviation fuel generated by Project Speedbird to fuel a portion of its flights. The project aims to produce 27 million gallons (102 million liters) of SAF annually, resulting in a net lifecycle reduction of 230,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year—equivalent to approximately 26,000 domestic flights operated by British Airways. Project Speedbird is anticipated to reach full SAF production capacity by 2028, aligning with the UK's SAF mandate which mandates that at least 10% of airline jet fuel should be derived from sustainable feedstocks by 2030.

With this grant, and previous investments from International Airlines Group, it seems LanzaJet is well-positioned to further advance its production of sustainable aviation fuels and contribute to decarbonising the aviation sector.