ILF: White Paper on Bulk Transport Options for Green Molecules | 2023

ILF Consulting Engineers published a white paper on the global hydrogen trade and the expected developments in the hydrogen market with a focus on Europe and the MENA region (Middle East and Northern Africa).

The report highlights some expected changes that may have significant geopolitical implications for the global energy market: projected growth of the global hydrogen demand, development and/or repurposing of pipeline networks, development of technological standards for transportation systems, and hydrogen supply-demand dynamics between countries. The MENA region, along with countries such as Mauritania, Namibia, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Canada are highlighted as a major prospective hydrogen suppliers.

The report makes comparisons between different hydrogen carriers and storage methods, as well as hydrogen compressors, and turbines. According to ILF, ammonia will play an integral role in the energy transition as a hydrogen carrier due to its relative ease of storage, high energy density, and its ability to carry more hydrogen atoms than pure hydrogen. ILF then assesses the costs for infrastructure development, comparing different existing and planned pipelines. Many planned pipeline connections will be repurposed or developed for hydrogen transportation between Europe and North Africa, potentially transforming several countries south of the Mediterranean into energy exporters. The report concludes with a summary of expert opinions on the future of hydrogen in Europe, calling attention to challenges.

‘One of the biggest hurdles in implementing a clean hydrogen economy and accelerating renewables are the distorting influence of fossil subsidies on energy markets and the lack of an overall effective carbon price.’

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