IEA Bioenergy: Drop-in biofuels for international marine and aviation markets | 2016

Summary and conclusions from the IEA Bioenergy ExCo78 workshop

The IEA Bioenergy Technology Cooperation Programme (IEA Bioenergy TCP) held its biannual workshop in Rotorua, New Zealand on 9 November 2016 in conjunction with their Executive Committee meeting (ExCo78). The workshop on ‘Drop-in biofuels for international marine and aviation markets’ was prepared in close collaboration with SCION. The workshop consisted of three sessions:

  1. Setting the scene & organising supply chains;
  2. Perspectives for marine biofuels;
  3. Perspectives for aviation biofuels.

The workshop concluded with a panel discussion on policy options and recommendations to support biofuels in international marine and aviation markets.