Horizon Europe projects - latest news on biomass project launches and updates

Horizon Europe is a funding programme initiated by the European Union. The program facilitates collaboration and strengthens the impact of research and innovation in developing, supporting and implementing EU policies while contributing to solving global challenges. Horizon Europe funds projects which tackle climate change, helps to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and boosts the EU’s competitiveness and growth. Recently, two new projects have been launched by Horizon Europe: BUTTERFLY project and FUELPHORIA project, both relating to the production of renewable fuel. The ongoing BIKE project also relates to biofuels more specifically identifying their production routes and assessing their sustainability. Within the building sector, NewWave is another project focusing on replacing current construction materials with more sustainable bio-based products.


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Projects launches


BUTTERFLY,Biomass Utilized To The Extended portfolio of Renewable Fuels with Large Yields is a Horizon Europe Innovation Action project. The aim of BUTTERFLY is to contribute to the climate-neutral energy priority within the European Union by producing clean fuels for the hard to decarbonize sectors. The core of the BUTTERFLY project involves the integration of innovative technologies to convert different types of waste and residual feedstocks to coproduce rDME (renewable DiMethyl Ether) and SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas). These biofuels and renewable fuels can then be used in the steel industry, off- grid energy supply and heavy-duty transport.

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The FUELPHORIA project contributes to the objectives of REPOwer EU Plan brought by the European Commission. Its aim is to scale-up renewables, achieve electrification and replace fossil-based heat and fuel in industry, buildings and the transport sector. The project will set up four demonstrator projects to test the value chain for advanced biofuels and renewable non-biological fuels in real environment. The four demonstrators will be located in Spain, Belgium and Greece. Actors all along the value chains will be involved, from feedstock supplier, technology provider to end-user.


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Project updates

BIKE project


The BIKE research project stands for Biofuels production at low ILUC riskfor European sustainable bioeconomy. It supports the implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive II of the European Commission by providing evidence, measuring and widely disseminating the market potential of low ILUC (Indirect Land Use Change) risk value chains for biomass, biofuels and bioliquids in Europe. Low ILUC risk biofuels are produced in a way that mitigates ILUC either because they result from productivity increases or they come from crops that grow on abandoned or degraded land. The main activity of BIKE is to investigate and to demonstrate the reliability of a series of low-ILUC risk biofuels production routes, assessing their environmental, social and economic sustainability.


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NewWave project


NewWave is a research project which aims to replace current construction materials with more sustainable bio-based products. The project contributes to building a circular economy by introducing sustainable raw materials in four manufacturing lines, replacing toxic chemicals and lowering the environmental footprint of products. NewWave does so by using an innovative approach which applies Thermo-Chemical Fractionation (TCF) technology to unlock and fractionate residual biomass. The biomass can be combined with other liquids and used to process into green chemicals and products.


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