EC Sub Group on Advanced Biofuels: Building Up the Future–Final Report | 2017

Executive Summary

Mandate the Sub Group on Advanced Biofuels

The Sub Group on Advanced Biofuels (SGAB) was created on the recommendation of the Sustainable Transport Forum (STF) as a consultative group. Its mandate is to develop appropriate strategies and recommendations which could facilitate the deployment and use of advanced biofuels in the EU, and to provide inputs on other relevant policies related to energy and climate change. These views, summarised in this report, will contribute to thinking during the comprehensive revision of the Renewable Energy Directive, currently in progress.

The 2030 Climate and Energy package calls for significant measures for decarbonizing transport, EU targets of 20% GHG reduction in transports in 2030 relative to the emissions 2008 and 60% reduction in 2050, relative to the emissions from transport in 1990. The EC Summer package proposed high Non-ETS GHG reduction up to 40% to some MS, where transport is having a major share of emissions. Strong policies to achieve these targets are needed.

On 30 November 2016 the European Commission issued the Winter Package which included a comprehensive revision of the Renewable Energy Directive, COM(2016) 767 final, (RED II).

The Renewable and Advanced biofuels industry is the only player in the EU that can ensure the deployment of sustainable fuels for decarbonising the transport sector. This industry is ready to make a commitment towards the EU and its citizens for the 2030 energy and climate change targets of the European Union. While this industry is the key developer of innovative technologies and responsible for bringing them from the lab scale to market deployment it is also at the same time the main investor that can build these state-of-the art plants and whereby the EU can achieve significant GHG reductions in transport.

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