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Workshop Stakeholder consultation on 'opt-in' shipping for Netherlands obligation
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Workshop Stakeholder consultation on 'opt-in' shipping for Netherlands obligation

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management wants to exchange views with the renewable fuel and the maritime sector stakeholders on the opt-in measure for shipping. Currently, sustainable biofuels supplied to the seagoing shipping sector can be included in the fuel suppliers' obligation to deliver a certain amount of renewable energy in road and rail transport in the Netherlands

The outcomes of the workshop will help the Ministry to make decisions on whether and how to continue to opt-in measure in the new regulations for renewable energy in transport. These need to be in place as part of the European Renewable Energy Directive for the period 2021-2030.


Eric van den Heuvel and Loes Knotter: Programme & Introduction

Jeroen Bremmer: Temporary Opt-in for shipping in the Annual Obligation for Energy in Transport

Hermien Busschbach: Workshop "Opt-in Shipping for Netherlands Obligation RED II"

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Tolhuistuin, IJ-promenade
Thursday, June 18, 2020
Platform Members / Invitation Only
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