Webinar: how to strengthen the UDB with a single source of truth system

Tuesday March 21st, from 10:00–12:00, online only.

Dutch Platform Renewable Fuels and the Dutch Blockchain Coalition invite you to join us in a discussion on how to strengthen the chain-of-custody to verify sustainability in the renewable fuels supply chain and how to prevent double registration or double claims.

The Union Database (UDB) will create a single European register for biofuels, RFNBO’s and recycled carbon fuels. This single register will add to transparency and trust, but also creates some complexities still to solve.

In this session we will discuss how Web 3 can be of use for parties in the renewable fuels supply chain:

  1. A sector perspective on managing the sustainability data
  2. How can Web 3 help to create a verification-by-system
  3. From UDB to end-user: how to inform end-users and how to create trust

The webinar will be fully English spoken.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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