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Sea-going shipping workshop: maritime sector as the new climate champion?
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Sea-going shipping workshop: maritime sector as the new climate champion?

Platform Renewable Fuels invites you to our upcoming workshop which will explore the uptake of renewable fuels in the maritime sector and how it could set the stage as a “new climate champion”.

What are the main opportunities for moving towards renewable fuels in the maritime shipping sector?

There are multiple factors which gear up the shipping sector to take the lead in the transition to renewable energy alternatives. The industry is still mainly dependent on fossil fuels and will remain dependent on liquid hydrocarbons for the foreseeable future. Abatement options used in other sectors, such as, electrification or hydrogen will be considered for new ships. For the existing fleet, renewable fuels will play a crucial role as option to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in shipping.

The shipping sector is assisted by the flexibility of ship engines making them suitable for processing fuels of various qualities. This provides the opportunity to develop a cost-effective renewable fuel base for the shipping sector. Furthermore, the size of these vessels enables the possible transition towards renewables through large scale infrastructural developments. The transition is gaining momentum with new legislative developments and regulations (ETS inclusion, RED, FuelEU Maritime, IMO). Large frontrunners in the industry have now switched to renewable fuel options, which sets the stage for the rest of the shipping sector.

What will be the key concept of this workshop?

This workshop develops a systems-thinking approach to address supply-side issues. New maritime renewable fuel options can be coupled with value chains that are also required in other sectors (such as: aviation, road transport, chemicals and materials). Fossil products are easily tradeable due to the existence of clearly defined specifications. However, renewable fuels lack standardization, which limits the possibility of cross-sectoral collaborations. Here important work can be done.

Moreover, the quest for a cost competitive non-fossil carbon continues. With proposed policy measures in place to bridge the price gap between renewable and fossil fuel options. Alongside other market developments, such as the development of ‘green lanes’.  

Given these market challenges, this session will explore how the maritime sector can play a pivotal role in tackling the potential barriers in the switch towards renewable fuel options, on a larger scale.


- Welcome & introduction: the maritime sector as the new climate champion?

Loes Knotter (Platform Renewable Fuels) - Key numbers and takeaways from Platform Renewable fuels.

(download presentation)

- Bridging the price gap between renewable and fossil fuel options

Dr. John Posada Duque (TU Delft) – what are cost-effective options and how to improve cost-effectiveness?

(download presentation)

- Access to sustainable social fair biomass supply chains

Prof. Patricia Osseweijer (TU Delft) – the TU Delft clean shipping project and the BioHUB concept.

(download presentation)

- System level thinking (wider system of the energy transition)

Prof. Gert Jan Kramer (UU) - The quest for circular carbon (i.e. non-fossil carbon).

(download presentation)

Prof. Martin Junginger (UU) - biomass residue feedstock potentials and compatible conversion technologies to (drop-in) marine fuels.

(download presentation)

- Program to support the market to develop cost-effective solutions

Peter Mollema (Port of Rotterdam) – Development of green corridors.

(download presentation)

Jesper Jarl Fanø (Maersk) – Vertical integration in production of green marine fuels.

(download presentation)

Felipe Ferrari (Finco Energies) – The value of specs for new renewable marine fuel options.

(download presentation)

Karlijn Arts (OCI) - Upscaling green methanol for various markets.

(download presentation)

- Discussion: what can be done to de-risk investments in renewable fuel production?

- Goodbye

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Zziin, Den Haag
Thursday, August 31, 2023
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