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Renewable Fuels in Maritime Shipping
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Renewable Fuels in Maritime Shipping

This 3rd online workshop continuous where the 2nd workshop on 21 July 2020 ended.

In that workshop, among other the European Commission shared its ideas to enhance the deployment of renewable fuels in maritime shipping and seeked for a dialogue with the sector on how to best proceed. (see the presentation of the 2nd seminar here)

The second seminar has also shown how development of renewable fuel options for the maritime sector is closely connected to innovation pathways on feedstock mobilisation, be it biogenic feedstocks or renewable electricity (e-fuels) or circular pathways.

The industry is asked to develop insights about what portfolio of renewable fuel options could be made available over time, taking into account feedstock mobilisation and innovation pathways for cost-effective conversion and engine development. That will provide insights to what is needed in conditions for preparing for the necessary investments in innovation, demonstrations and scaling up.

This will be further discussed at this 3rd workshop on 27 August from 10-12am). The workshop will be again hosted as an online event.


The detailed programme is stil work in progress, but you can expect insights from industry as well as extended group discussions.

An active participation by participants is welcomed.


To receive valuable industry and stakeholder input in advance to the workshop we have prepared a survey.
Outcomes we will be used in the workshop and for the development of a draft white paper.
Could you please be so kind and fill out the form (only if not yet submitted in advance to the workshop of 21 July).

Link to survey

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Thursday, August 27, 2020
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