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Go Green with rDME
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Go Green with rDME

Eric van den Heuvel, Director of the Platform Renewable Fuels, will speak at the Go Green with rDME conference on 17th of February 2022.

The electrification of heavy road transport is radical and takes time. Biofuels such as rDME can contribute to an accelerated reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during the transition period. Of the possible alternative fuels for trucks, renewable dimethyl ether (rDME) is very suitable because it can be used in existing diesel engines (i.e. 100% replacement of diesel). This makes DME an extremely interesting alternative for freight transport, which still receives too little attention in Germany and the Netherlands.

De rol van rDME

The online event will discuss the role that advanced biofuels such as rDME can play. How rDME can be produced on a small and large scale and what the possible applications are. Whether rDME will actually play a role depends, among other things, on political decisions.

In this sense, Eric van den Heuvel will present at 10:30 which role rDME can play in the market of renewable fuels, with a focus on the Netherlands. In the same session, Dr. Kati Görsch will analyse the potential in the German fuel mix.

The whole program can be found here (in German). Presentations and discussions are in German and English.


The discussions with experts and stakeholders revealed interesting results that could lead to further cross-border activities in the Netherlands and Germany. We would like to present these results to you and discuss further possible activities.

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Thursday, February 17, 2022
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