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Algemene Ledenvergadering / General Assembly - November 30th
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Algemene Ledenvergadering / General Assembly - November 30th

Dear Platform members,

The next general assembly will take place in Den Bosch on the 30th of November.


14:30 Walk in

15:00 Start programme

  1. From stalks to fuels,
    a system approach for green production
    Robin Post van der Burg, Torrgas
  2. Blockchain creates trust in the renewable fuel supply chain
    Aljosja Beije, Docklab
  3. Discussion on key topics for the 2024-programme
    all Platform members

- Break -

17:00 General assembly

Major agenda items:

  • Determine annual programma 2024
  • Approve budget and membership fee 2024

18:00 Dinner at the venue's restaurant

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The Speakers

Robin Post van der Burg, Torrgas

Crops such as corn, wheat, sugar beet produce large amounts of residues. Generally, only a small part of the plant is used for the food value chain, the other 80% is residue. The global production of corn alone produces over 1 billion residues annually. That can be turned into enough fuels for the worldwide marine and aviation sectors. Robin Post van der Burg, Torrgas will take you through their system thinking for a scalable and affordable synfuels to X production system, that will be able to return nutrients to the soils. See this clip or visit https://www.torrgas.nl/

Aljosja Beije, Docklab

"Have you heard about that joke about a man who walked into several banks with a paper-based Bill of Lading (400 year old system) as collateral for a financial transaction worth $750 million?" You will be given the full story and more by Aljosja Beije, CTO of Docklab and co-author of the book "Blockchain and the Supply Chain: Concepts, Strategies and Practical Applications.” Read more here or see this clip

NB: alleen voor leden van het Platform / Platform members / Invitation only
Werkwarenhuis, Den Bosch (Tramkade 20-24, 5211 VB 's-Hertogenbosch)
Thursday, November 30, 2023
Platform Members / Invitation Only

We will end the assembly by having dinner in the restaurant of our venue.

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