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BioMob #3: Mobilising Biomass | 11 January 2024
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BioMob #3: Mobilising Biomass | 11 January 2024

The Platform Renewable Fuels invites you to take part in our third strategy event for mobilising biomass feedstocks: BioMob#3.

During this workshop we will explore how we can ramp up the biomass feedstocks necessary to de-fossilise the transport sector.

There is a much wider availability of biomass feedstocks than what we are currently using. We are already making use of co-products of corn and wheat for ethanol or using waste fats / oils, but there remain large quantities of untapped potential in the waste and residue streams of the agricultural sector.

Our key message is: we have enough availability of sustainable biomass - let’s start using it and let’s get organised.


  • The new green production system (Ayla Uslu - TNO) - Full presentation
    Followed by a discussion: Matching the biomass feedstock with the right technology
  • Avenues in findings your new feedstock base (Olivier Dubois - agronomist & former UN FAO expert) - Full presentation
    - Followed by discussion: Opportunities and challenges for European feedstock base vs overseas
  • The case of identifying opportunities in agri-commodity chains
    - Biomass Research's perspective by Hans Langeveld - Full presentation
    - Solidaridad's perspective by Jeroen Kroezen - Full presentation
    - TU Delft's perspective by Susan van der Veen  & Sivaramakrishnan Chandrasekaran - Full presentation
    - Followed by a discussion: Division of roles and responsibilities along the biomass supply chain

    - Lunch -
  • Going beyond biofuels
    - Perspectives from the  chemical industry
    - Assessing the current instrument landscape
    - Followed by a discussion: Biomass allocation and investing in a changing landscape

The outcome

During the event we will articulate what it takes to achieve a sustainable reliable feedstock system and identify what is holding us back. These elements will be turned into a technical note and into a conversation starter with important stakeholder parties such as the European Commission.

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NB: alleen voor leden van het Platform / Platform members / Invitation only
Tolhuistuin | IJpromenade 2, 1031 KT Amsterdam
Thursday, January 11, 2024
Platform Members / Invitation Only

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