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Agendas for Society, Brazil-NL meeting on the Energy Transition
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Agendas for Society, Brazil-NL meeting on the Energy Transition

The transition to low-carbon energy systems is one of the most important transformations impacting the energy sector globally. The TU Delft and Brazil have a long tradition of collaboration in areas such as aviation technology & fuels, bio-based economy & fuels, and, to a lesser extent, carbon capture & storage. At this forum, which is part of TU Delft’s 180th Anniversary Programme on Speeding up the Energy Transition, the key players in the Dutch and Brazilian energy sectors will examine the latest energy transition developments in terms of technology, science and policy.

In brief, Prof. Paulien Herder, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Director of the TU Delft Energy program, and a representative of the Board of UNICAMP, and Prof. Kornelis Blok, Lustrum TU Delft, IPCC lead author, chairman Netherlands Energy Research Alliance will open the event. Industry players (Shell, Hytron, Atvos, Accenda) will present challenges followed by reflections from academia (from both Brazil and Netherlands) and break-out groups discussing carbon capture utilization & storage, hydrogen and circular bio-based economy to identify the game changers. The forum aims to produce a short joint statement summarizing the identified key challenges, game changers and next steps in which The Netherlands and Brazil can reinforce the energy transition. Prof. Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, Senior Vice-President Elsevier, UK and previous Director FAPESP Brazil is asked to lead the final discussion on key outcomes for the joint statement.

Registration: The meeting is online and attendance is limited to 150-200 people. Please register here to attend. Please note that you cannot register by mailing to the Platform.

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Thursday, April 14, 2022
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