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Advanced Biofuels Conference 2020
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Advanced Biofuels Conference 2020

Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Swedish Bioenergy Association (Svebio) has decided to condense and switch the format of Advanced Biofuels Conference 2020 to a virtual online-only event that will take place on 16 September 2020. The next in-real-life edition of the annual conference will be in September 2021.

“The health and safety issues and travel restrictions imposed by the current COVID-19 situation rule out any possibility of hosting a meaningful gathering of international delegates at ABC 2020 – a conference that aims to discuss global opportunities and issues related to bioenergy and the low carbon bioeconomy. Therefore, we have decided to postpone the physical conference until September 2021. We are sorry for having to take this action and we regret the inconvenience, but we are sure that this is the right and responsible thing to do in these exceptional times,” said Gustav Melin, CEO, Svebio.

All invited and confirmed speakers maintain their respective status and all confirmed participants, including sponsors and exhibitors, will have the option to carry over their registration fees to ABC 2021 that will be organized in Stockholm during 21-23 September, 2021 at the same hotel venue.

Policy and market – virtual ABC 2020 on 16 September

Svebio will host a virtual online-only event on 16 September, with a special focus on policy and market updates for advanced biofuels and transportation.

The condensed format will consist of at least two sessions in which high-level presenters will discuss issues such as the opportunities and shortcomings of the European Green Deal, implications and challenges of the recast Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) on waste and residue feedstocks. Each session closes with an interactive panel discussion along with Q&A from online participants.

Eric van den Heuvel of the Netherlands Platform Sustain Biofuels will present about the need to cap fossil fuel and takes part in the second panel discussion.

More information on programme and registration is found here.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Platform Members / Invitation Only
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